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CLEAN CLEAN Anolyte Solution

A 2-in-1 sanitizer & disinfectant that satisfies your
food grade sanitization and disinfection needs.

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How Anolyte Works?

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    Destroy Cell Wall

    Kills pathogens by attaching to their surface and disrupts their cellular structure. Such process is done through removing their protein coats which function as their protective shields

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    Natural Disintegration

    Without the protection of protein coats, pathogens disintegrate naturally. Even at low concentrations anolyte, the pathogens are unable to build up resistance over time.

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    Decomposed & Vanished

    As the entire procedure is conducted through electrolysis, pathogens is decomposed non-hazardously both towards human-being and the environment.

Clean Clean Anolyte Solution

  • 0% Chemical & Alcohol

    Just Salt + Water + Electrolysis, anolyte solution eliminates pathogens using natural way by destroying their cell walls.

  • Safe for Babies & Pets

    The anolyte solution is compliant to food grade and skin irritation, dry and broken skin never happen, dedicated to its non-chlorine-based property.

  • Kills in 10 Seconds

    By being 80 to 120 times more effective than Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach), it kills quicker using less product at a low strength.

  • Wipe Out 99.9% Pathogens

    Not only bacteria, other invisible organisms namely viruses, fungi and protozoa also vanish in a single application.

  • Environmental-Friendly

    Free from all sorts of chemical, alcohol and harmful substances, we make the invisible disappears by removing their protein coats and the nature do the rest.

  • pH Neutral

    By maintaining a neutral acidity at pH 6-6.5, the solution doesn't emit unpleasant odour which allows you to stay focus even after application.

Clean Clean Anolyte Solution

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    KKM Registered & Approved

    The main ingredient namely hypochlorous acid is a FDA approved substance. Anolyte is also listed on the European Biocidal Directive which has passed the efficacy tests against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.

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    Effective Against COVID-19

    National and international reference laboratories have proven that hypochlorous acid works very well against viruses, including norovirus and human coronaviruses.

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    International Recognition

    Dedicated to its cost effectiveness and non-toxic nature, anolyte solution is widely used in the food and medical industry in countries such as Australia, Russia and Japan.


Starter Pack

RM100 Monthly
  • Free Automatic Dispenser
  • 5 Litres of CLEAN CLEAN Anolyte Solution per Month
  • 1 Year Contract
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Small Office/Retail

RM300 Monthly
  • Free Automatic Dispenser
  • 25 Litres of CLEAN CLEAN Anolyte Solution per Month
  • 1 Year Contract
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Medium Office/Retail

RM500 Monthly
  • Free Automatic Dispenser
  • 50 Litres of CLEAN CLEAN Anolyte Solution per Month
  • 1 Year Contract
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Large Office/Retail

RM750 Monthly
  • Free Automatic Dispenser
  • 100 Litres of CLEAN CLEAN Anolyte Solution per Month
  • 1 Year Contract
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  • 1. Recurring disinfection service package (weekly & monthly) can be provided at request.
  • 2. Disinfection service can be conducted for pandemic prevention or location infected by COVID-19.


Anolyte solution is a revolutionary sanitiser and disinfectant liquid produced using salt, water and electricity. No chemicals are involved in the production of this solution. Clean Clean's Anolyte solution kills all forms of pathogen and that includes bacteria of all forms and the many different strains of coronavirus and viruses in general. It is an alternative to bleach and other hazardous chemicals traditionally used to sanitise and disinfect.
We are so used to chemical solutions that are hazardous to our body and also for the environment to accomplish what Anolyte does in terms of sanitising and disinfecting. We would not even dream about putting those cleaning agents anywhere near our feet, never mind our mouth. This is where Clean Clean's Anolyte solution really stands out. It is not only safe for us humans but it is also completely biodegradable, causing zero harm to the environment. How safe is it you might wonder? It can be used to clean pre-packaged no-wash salad and also to disinfect drinking water in rural areas with no clean source of water and is certifiable as food grade. Just to elaborate, our human body actually produces the same active ingredient as Anolyte called hypochlorous acid in our white blood cells to fight invasive organisms.
Yes, it's true that Anolyte is largely used in the agricultural sector, from Australia to Europe and also the United States. It is used to prevent viruses that causes bird and swine influenzas and to keep the stock healthy. It can radically reduce the amount of antibiotic used in farming these animals. Now to answer your question, Clean Clean Anolyte can be used for water treatment, waste water treatment, hygiene production in the brewing and beverage industry, cleaning food production facilities, decontamination of raw and processed feed materials, cleaning out pipes in the oil and gas industry, used in greenhouses and horticulture to rid of parasites and fungi growth, sanitising and disinfect medical facilities and many more. The application is so wide that we are just scratching the surface with this technology.
In a word, yes! It has the fire power to combat the best that chemicals has to offer with none of the downside and it is even safe for the environment.
While this technology is nothing new, in Malaysia this technology and its application is still in its infant stage. We have seen many other countries adopt the use of Anolyte whether its for industrial use or to combat the current crisis. From examples that we have seen, Japan is using it, most of Europe, Australia, Vietnam, USA and even our neighbours Singapore has also started using it to combat this pandemic. Many countries are also adopting it for its green credentials. It is safe for the environment and also the benefits that it bring in terms of improving our human health is a full cycle impact. Starting from the feed for the livestock, the water that they drink, or in the instance of shrimp farming - the water quality that the shrimp is bred in, to the reduction of antibiotic because of the hygiene of the environment has been improved tremendously, to the cutting down on pesticide used in vegetable and fruit farming because of the protection that our solution provide the plants, to the final produce, the packing of poultry - eliminating threat of food poison causing bacteria, vegetables and fruits lasting longer when they've been treated with our solution, again cutting down the use of chemical preservatives, bottling and canning of food produce made cleaner and less harmful. The need to bring this to the masses is pressing and urgent and that is why we have invested to bring this technology into Malaysia.
The liquid is used to kill all forms of pathogen including bacteria and viruses. In comparison it does that in less amount of time than traditional agents including alcohol. It is 100 times more powerful than your regular bleach. On top of bacteria and viruses, our Anolyte is also effective against fungi, parasites, biofilm and algae.

CLEAN CLEAN Sanitizer & Disinfectant Solution

Unlike your average chlorine or alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectants that is widely available and sourced from the market, Clean Clean is free from any chemical components and is 100% alcohol free making it suitable for babies and those sensitive towards alcohol. Clean Clean Sanitizer & Disinfectant minimizes the adverse effects towards human and the ecosystem arising from excessive alcohol and chlorine contact. Such negative effects include skin irritation, dry and broken skin, weakened immune system and strengthened antibiotic resistance of pathogens.

By being a 2-in-1 sterilising agent, Clean Clean Sanitizer & Disinfectant outperforms average solutions, being food-grade compliant, non-alcohol and absent any chemicals properties. As the name suggests, Clean Clean Sanitizer & Disinfectant does not only effectively kill germs including viruses, bacteria and protozoa attached to all surfaces but also, as a sanitizer, applicable to human skin, and safe for babies and infants.

Clean Clean is the first company to bring in patented Anolyte technology to Malaysian shores. Our name Clean Clean is a symbol of our vision, which is to promote The Cleaner Way to Clean. This technology enables us to produce a healthier and more environmentally friendly way to sanitise, disinfect, sterilise and deodorise. With such advanced way to get rid of bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and biofilm without causing any detrimental effect on our health or the environment, the solution can be applied across various industries. Meanwhile, we are investing in multiple areas of research to yield even greater potential for this technology, aiming to then bring this Malaysian innovation to other parts of the globe.

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